samedi 12 novembre 2011

Blog news: "models" part four have been added!

Amande Clarimonde (Dust of dolls puns custom amande color)
Gossips: Like the nut she’s called, she’s fluffy and smooth in the outside but she is a hard shell. What lies inside?
Who’s who: She’s a tasty almond fairy
Family: She’s Frangipane Esclarmonde’s little sister
She needs: a faceup in green and fuchsia pink
Look: she likes to be covered with flowers but she also can look colorful
Accessories: eluts CDW-25 For Honey Delf (Teal Blue) -Heat Resistant Fiber, leeke LG 057 8mm

Dakota Méloée Blue “Méloée” (Latidoll Yellow modded Cookie WS on SP body)
Gossips: Méloée is not your usual sea creature. She is no more than a nereid, but a kind one. Trust me.
Who’s who: nereid
She needs: maybe a faceup but she pleases me with this one:)
Look: fruit style!
Accessories: modded by both Alexiel/myobi and Etoilebleue (eyes and ears), Faceup by Alexiel/myobi, releaserain 14mm pink with purple pupil, limited lati Lati X.mas Special Miel A wig

Damzel Willow Emerald (ED Soah LB first generation)
Gossips: Damzel is an elegant dragonfly. Secretive and silent, she was still a hungry larva at a time. She can change natural material’s colors.
Who’s who: Dragonfly
She needs: To go to a new home maybe?
Look: elegant lady
Accessories: elfdoll faceup, acrylic green eyes, elfdoll wine wig

Daphné (Leeke Rori)
Gossips: She is a marsh naiad, an eleionomae. She feels lonely, so is happy when someone is drowned.
Who’s who: eleionomae
Family: Octopuce Akeud’ pourpineutz’ sister, Styx’ sister, Léthée’s sister
She needs: A new face up
Look: Elegant Victorian little girl in pastel colors
Accessories: Faceup by me, Green eyelashes custom by me to look like algae, Gumdrops Albinos majestic magenta 14mm, leekeworld W071_D in pale turquoise, WS leeke hippo ears M size

Doucouroulis Lariang « Doulis » (RosenLied Lime)
Gossips: Called Doulis for short, she is an adorable tarsier. She's Oberon Enki's special friend.
Who’s who: Tarsier
Family: Wisti saïmiri’s sister, Aglaé’s owner
She needs: A new faceup, new eyes in a lighter brown color
Look: kindergarten, sometimes disco
Accessories: RosenLied faceup, Rosenlied default 12mm acrylic brown eyes, Brown synthetic mohair wig brought in “le muse de la poupée” in Paris, leekeworld NS bear ears in Msize

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