vendredi 30 septembre 2011

Coms' list updated!

J'ai avancé un peu dans mes coms malgré l'urgence de la préparation de mon stock pour le Ldoll. Je sais que je ne suis pas très rapide avec cette liste. Il y a toujours un salon en préparation, un stock à mettre au point. Mais après ce dernier Ldoll, je me consacrerai complètement à ma boutique et aux commissions.
Après ce salon, mon stress sera dirigé vers le déménagement prochain XD.
I progressed a little with my coms' list despite the urgency of preparing my stock for Ldoll festival. I know I'm not very fast with emptying this list XD. There is always one dollshow to come, a stock to develop. But after this last doll show I will only devote myself to commissions and shop. Then my stress will be directed for our move XD!

Corset commission for kikyô's narae :
- corset
- string
- two pairs socks

This set is for Aeris' Rosette doll named Deane. I just had a bust to make the dress.
My "doll" is named Mortadelle (a sausage name as "rosette" is a kind of sausage in France XD!).
"Chambre froide" (les garçons boucher) for rosette doll :
- Onepiece 3 layers dress
- collar
- sleeves
- hairclip

For kaye Wiggs MSD doll on dollstown 7 body (that's why my girl seems lost in her dress XD!)
"Le dernier vol" set :
- Aviator hat
- googles
- stockings
- long bloomers
- handembroidered dress
It's been long that I shown my lil' toppi girl named Iseut.

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