dimanche 13 novembre 2011

élève styliste / fashion designer student

My first toys were color pencils. As far as I can remember, I have always drawn fashion figures at home and at school in the margins of my notebooks:p Long ago, I decided that my drawings wasn’t like I hoped and totally stopped drawing.
To be better in my work, I still decided to start a fashion school. I’m now a student in fashion design. It took me a while to dare taking my pencils but it’s done! I’ve overcome my block.
Here are my first sketches. Please don’t laugh at me, I know it’s awkward but I’ll try my best to be better soon XD!
I need to color them, but these are Frangipane’s future clothes (knowing that the two jackets are made for more than a year)

D’aussi loin que je me souvienne, mes premiers jouets étaient des crayons de couleurs. J’ai toujours dessiné des figurines de mode à la maison ou dans les marges de mes cahiers. Et puis à un moment, il y a pas mal de temps, j’ai décidé que mes dessins n’étaient pas aussi bien que je les espérais et j’ai totalement arrêté de dessiner du jour au lendemain.
Pour faire du meilleur travail, j’ai depuis peu décidé de faire une formation dans la mode. Je suis officiellement élève styliste. Cela m’a pris un certain temps pour oser reprendre mes crayons mais ça y est! J’ai dépassé mon blocage.
Voici mes premiers croquis. On ne se moque pas, je sais bien que c’est maladroit mais je vais faire de mon mieux pour être meilleure le plus rapidement possible XD !
Il va falloir que je les coloris mais voici les futures fringues de frangipane (sachant que les deux vestes sont faites depuis plus d’un an)

samedi 12 novembre 2011

Blog news: "models" part four have been added!

Amande Clarimonde (Dust of dolls puns custom amande color)
Gossips: Like the nut she’s called, she’s fluffy and smooth in the outside but she is a hard shell. What lies inside?
Who’s who: She’s a tasty almond fairy
Family: She’s Frangipane Esclarmonde’s little sister
She needs: a faceup in green and fuchsia pink
Look: she likes to be covered with flowers but she also can look colorful
Accessories: eluts CDW-25 For Honey Delf (Teal Blue) -Heat Resistant Fiber, leeke LG 057 8mm

Dakota Méloée Blue “Méloée” (Latidoll Yellow modded Cookie WS on SP body)
Gossips: Méloée is not your usual sea creature. She is no more than a nereid, but a kind one. Trust me.
Who’s who: nereid
She needs: maybe a faceup but she pleases me with this one:)
Look: fruit style!
Accessories: modded by both Alexiel/myobi and Etoilebleue (eyes and ears), Faceup by Alexiel/myobi, releaserain 14mm pink with purple pupil, limited lati Lati X.mas Special Miel A wig

Damzel Willow Emerald (ED Soah LB first generation)
Gossips: Damzel is an elegant dragonfly. Secretive and silent, she was still a hungry larva at a time. She can change natural material’s colors.
Who’s who: Dragonfly
She needs: To go to a new home maybe?
Look: elegant lady
Accessories: elfdoll faceup, acrylic green eyes, elfdoll wine wig

Daphné (Leeke Rori)
Gossips: She is a marsh naiad, an eleionomae. She feels lonely, so is happy when someone is drowned.
Who’s who: eleionomae
Family: Octopuce Akeud’ pourpineutz’ sister, Styx’ sister, Léthée’s sister
She needs: A new face up
Look: Elegant Victorian little girl in pastel colors
Accessories: Faceup by me, Green eyelashes custom by me to look like algae, Gumdrops Albinos majestic magenta 14mm, leekeworld W071_D in pale turquoise, WS leeke hippo ears M size

Doucouroulis Lariang « Doulis » (RosenLied Lime)
Gossips: Called Doulis for short, she is an adorable tarsier. She's Oberon Enki's special friend.
Who’s who: Tarsier
Family: Wisti saïmiri’s sister, Aglaé’s owner
She needs: A new faceup, new eyes in a lighter brown color
Look: kindergarten, sometimes disco
Accessories: RosenLied faceup, Rosenlied default 12mm acrylic brown eyes, Brown synthetic mohair wig brought in “le muse de la poupée” in Paris, leekeworld NS bear ears in Msize