Aglaé « Glaée c'est ton père » (Elfdoll Alice cherry blossom)
Gossips: Her dad rests in a katsudon plate. Her mom? Who knows?
Who’s who: pig pet
Family: She is Doulis’ piggy pet
She needs: a nurse uniform
Look: little girls dresses
Accessories: Elfdoll faceup, souldoll P107 16mm

Aliénor « Alien » (Unoa Lusis)
Gossips: As a suicide girl, she likes to show off her pants but so far, it didn't attract many boys.
Who’s who: She is Thalia, the muse of comedy
Family: She is a part of the muses crew and Blanche’s twin sister
She needs: A new faceup, A faceup for her sleeping face, her tattoos behind her legs and around her wrist, a piercing maybe a labret, a restriging
Look: Frill dresses, mannish underwears, corsets, killer heels shoes. She wears black, red and fuchsia, panther pattern fabrics.
Accessories: faceup by me, CDW-15 For Honey Delf (Natural Black) , Gundrops cherry berry 12mm

Amande Clarimonde (Dust of dolls puns custom amande color)
Gossips: Like the nut she’s called, she’s fluffy and smooth in the outside but she is a hard shell. What lies inside?
Who’s who: She’s a tasty almond fairy
Family: She’s Frangipane Esclarmonde’s little sister
She needs: a faceup in green and fuchsia pink
Look: she likes to be covered with flowers but she also can look colorful
Accessories: eluts CDW-25 For Honey Delf (Teal Blue) -Heat Resistant Fiber, leeke LG 057 8mm

Amaranthe “Tapouët” (ND Belladonna)
Gossips: She loves to put her finger in your nose. That's how to catch catboys.
Who’s who: She is a Bansidhe
Family: Amaryllis’ twin sister, Ménie Grégoire’s sister, Obéron Enki’s mother, Kali puck’s mother, Meoloo Mab’s mother (with Lohann the catboy@alexiel)
She needs: A new faceup, a restriging, new custom eyes maybe enchanted dolls eyes 40 custom
Look: colorful girly look. She often wears orange, green and purple
Accessories: faceup by me, Handmade eyes by Alexiel 18mm black Iris with black sclera, handmade fauxfur redhead wig by Alexiel, custom Bravot “Sabine” wig in redhead

Amaryllis “Piu piu” (Volks SD Kun)
Gossips: She is more responsible and down-to-earth than her twin sister as she always takes care of the kids, but she only express herself with “Piu piu”.
Who’s who: Squirrel Pooka
Family: Amaranthe's twin sister, Kouïng armelle’s mother (with Kith@Ezi)
She needs: A new faceup
Look: she often wears waloly dresses, but she also wears girly green dresses.
Accessories: faceup by me, Souldoll P82 20mm, custom mohair wig by Circée with fur hears and tail

Apple (Fairyland Pukifee Ante)
Gossips: A destructive geek! Be careful with your computer and technical gadgets……. ZZZzzzz…… I warned you XD!
Who’s who: Gremlin
She needs: new eyes, maybe in green.
Look: modern little girl
Accessories: Lywann of « Dust of dolls » faceup, fairyland acrylic brown eyes, latidoll Y punk sauvage Ra45-1b(black) wig

Arfang (Leeke pumpkin)
Gossips: Nothing is known about her…
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical white owl
Family: Beija Flor’s sister, Colombe’s sister
She needs: a faceup, new glass gray eyes, her mechanical wings
Look: Little girl. She wears black, gray and white.
Accessories: 16mm Acylic dark gray eyes, eluts CDW-30 For Honey Delf (Charcoal Gray) -Heat Resistant Fiber, leekeworld LR-008_D royal gray

Aubrey Mandragore (Latidoll Yellow Cookie Tanned SP)
Gossips: Aubrey is always as if she's going to cry, but she's quite brave actually
Who’s who: Is a witch root called mandrake.
She needs:
Look: chasubles dresses and flowered or embroidered pinafore.
Accessories: latidoll’s default faceup, 12mm stock green latidoll acrylic eyes, Rosenlied RWM-017 Mohair - soft curl (Carrot)

Beija-flor “Bébeille” (Volks old FCS F14)
Gossips: Beija is a colourful hummingbird and the oldest of a large family of mechanical birds
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical hummingbird
Family: Arfang’s sister, Colombe’s sister
She needs: a new faceup, her mechanical wings
Look: colorful girly
Accessories: faceup by me, Cool Cat KA_Art 22mm in yellow, turquoise feathers with black polka dots as Eyelashes, cancan 9-10” 12a (yellow)

Blanche (Unoa Sist)
Gossips: She is discret and secretive. Your typical girl-next-door.
Who’s who: She is Melpomene, the muse of tragedy
Family: Aliénor's twin sister
She needs: A faceup for her sleeping face, a restriging
Look: working girl or simply casual. She most often wears black, gray, beige and raw.
Accessories: faceup by me, Releaserain 12mm green, mohair carrot wig by Ezi

Camille Camomille « Caca » (Volks Yo Tenshi Mamu)
Gossips: She's better known as Caca (“caca” is the French word for “Pooh”), the kindergarten's terror.
Who’s who: She is the fairy of swings that go too far
Family: Madeleine Badeleine’s sister
She needs: a new faceup, a band-aids on a scar on her noze, band-aids on her knees
Look: as a tomboy, she wears only boyish clothes
Accessories: Volks’ default faceup, Volks HG Glass Eyes / 16mm / Green Gray, Leeke L-090_D peach gold

Caprice (CH petite Aï Nanaël)
Gossips: Caprice is the storm fairy though she looks very quite and peacefully, like a model pupil.
Who’s who: She is the storm fairy
She needs: Maybe a faceup but I’m afraid about her ball face (there is not so much relief on the mold)
Look: pupil dresses and school uniforms
Accessories: CH default faceup, CH Pa-CH-633(s)maroon, eluts 16MM G-PALE BLUE

Cardamome (Volks old FCS F12 on old SD body)
Gossips: spicy girl, always jumping around, she loves making spicy food and watch people having the mouth on fire!
Who’s who: spice faery
She needs: a spicier faceup
Look: casual girly, she loves jeans
Accessories: faceup?, Ingrid carrot mohair wig, leekeworld LG-091 18mm, pierced ears

Cathel (Andolrea Unoss)
Gossips: Cathel has been created by the faery queen after Ninon’s caprice to be awake as spring would arrive. Living in her true self body, she has been rejected by “herself” and has been given a body as Ninon was destructive with her. But she’s a little bit out of this world as she doesn’t know how to live. Her big eyes are turned to renewal.
Who’s who: Spring follower
Family: Ninon’s spring avatar
She needs:
Look: fruit girly
Accessories: faceup by Minendie, Kstarr marine blue and blue wig, 16mm smoke blue eyes

Clotho Peach (Leeke Ching)
Gossips: Clotho is one the Parques, the deities that take a look at human destiny. As she spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle , she is a godmother faery. Cutting the thread?
Who’s who: first of the three Fates, godmother faery
Family: Verdandi’s sister, Moïra’s sister, Doucouroulis Lariang’s godmother faery
She needs: Ezi is about to give her a new faceup
Look: she wears pink and peach
Accessories: Ezi’s faceup, Soom U07 Yellowmarble, mohair peach by Alexiel, fauxfur peach with two ponytails by alexiel

Colombe (Volks old FCS F07 beauty white on old SD13 body)
Gossips: She's Beija's little sister, though definitively bigger in size as a dove. She winks in white plums.
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical dove
Family: Arfang’s sister, Beija Flor’s sister
She needs: a new faceup
Look: She only wears white dresses with feathers if it is possible.
Accessories: faceup by me, Cool Cat KA_Art 22mm in orange, turquoise feathers with black polka dots as Eyelashes, cancan 9-10” 12a (yellow), Leekeworld W059_L in EveCream

Dainty Absinth “Sainte” (Volks Aya)
Gossips: Absinth is your best drinking partner, though she tends to like that poison called Absinth.
Who’s who: This is la “fée verte” or the green Dam
Family: Merle’s sister, Ertée Cramoisie’s sister
She needs:
Look: 1900’s Lolita dresses. She only wears black or dark gray.
Accessories: faceup by me, coolcat Chinese apple green 20mm eyes, Kstarr long bottle green hair with lime green highlights, mohair bottle green/Lime green puff wig by Circée

Dakota Méloée Blue “Méloée” (Latidoll Yellow modded Cookie WS on SP body)
Gossips: Méloée is not your usual sea creature. She is no more than a nereid, but a kind one. Trust me.
Who’s who: nereid
She needs: maybe a faceup but she pleases me with this one:)
Look: fruit style!
Accessories: modded by both Alexiel/myobi and Etoilebleue (eyes and ears), Faceup by Alexiel/myobi, releaserain 14mm pink with purple pupil, limited lati Lati X.mas Special Miel A wig

Damzel Willow Emerald (ED Soah LB first generation)
Gossips: Damzel is an elegant dragonfly. Secretive and silent, she was still a hungry larva at a time. She can change natural material’s colors.
Who’s who: Dragonfly
She needs: To go to a new home maybe?
Look: elegant lady
Accessories: elfdoll faceup, acrylic green eyes, elfdoll wine wig

Daphné (Leeke Rori)
Gossips: She is a marsh naiad, an eleionomae. She feels lonely, so is happy when someone is drowned.
Who’s who: eleionomae
Family: Octopuce Akeud’ pourpineutz’ sister, Styx’ sister, Léthée’s sister
She needs: A new face up
Look: Elegant Victorian little girl in pastel colors
Accessories: Faceup by me, Green eyelashes custom by me to look like algae, Gumdrops Albinos majestic magenta 14mm, leekeworld W071_D in pale turquoise, WS leeke hippo ears M size

Doucouroulis Lariang « Doulis » (RosenLied Lime)
Gossips: Called Doulis for short, she is an adorable tarsier. She's Oberon Enki's special friend.
Who’s who: Tarsier
Family: Wisti saïmiri’s sister, Aglaé’s owner
She needs: A new faceup, new eyes in a lighter brown color
Look: kindergarten, sometimes disco
Accessories: RosenLied faceup, Rosenlied default 12mm acrylic brown eyes, Brown synthetic mohair wig brought in “le muse de la poupée” in Paris, leekeworld NS bear ears in Msize