Com's list

- Lylypie tenue salopette pastelle rosette (MSN)
- Etoilebleue SD folk (Mail)
- Maliki set avec salopettes pour DC Bella et DC Hilary en noir/violet (MC)
- Francisca. Robe dentelle fauxcul cerisedoll constantine (FlickR)

   Current List
- Candyfloss carte blanche pour lati white bleu/noir/violet/gris (MC) 
- Kelaun une ou deux tenues lati white SP complètes (automne printemps)  avec lingerie,corset chapeau etc. (MC)
- Mailee974 bustier jupe bas MSD (MC) 
- SarahChu corset/robe (etsy) 
- Unisieppari Unoa "here come the sun" fairy kei (BJE)
- 6Luciole tenue dollstwon elf romantique (Facebook)
- Velkane cartoon body *2 (MC) 
- Mamzel follow longsoul SD girl, veste sans manches pleine de poches, haut simple, treilli (flickR) 
- angy1800 tenue tibétaine dollstown elf (MC)
- Ellen KW Lillie set with crochet hat and flower necklace (etsy)
- Sushi-77 flapper crochet set for kröt (flickR)
- Ben appi elfique (skype)
- Wicca dark mori pour dollzone MSD (MC) 
- PrincesZ Tutu spécial pureneemo flexion (FB) 

  Already done 
- Delilah "pourvu qu'elles soient douce"for pullip: dressing gown, sacred heart brooch, barbed wire
- Delilah after sale corset for pullip
- PrinceZs "come out and play" for pullip
- Khaarmila "Giving up the gunsIII" for DIM sweet: leggings, legwarmers, frill skirt, tank top, Tshirt
- PrinceZs "Le beau Danube bleu" for pullip

- Maliki "Come on Eileen" for KW Tobi: overalls, shirt, scarf, legwarmers
 - Etoilebleue "Come on Eileen" folk version for YoSD: overalls, shirt, belt
- Specialdeliverys "Dust in the wind" for Connnie Lowe's Lulu: lacey top, japanese fabric overalls with hand aged silk ribbons, lacey stockings with hand aged silk ribbons, one pair bows for pigtails
- Poukraaam "Golden brown" set for cerisedoll Cartoon: cardigan with purple flowers, skirt with only two lace layers, stockings, gaiters decorated with tea died silk ribbons, top with with tea died silk ribbons
- Scottiedollz set for cerisedoll Cartoon: cardigan, bloomers, stockings
- Belin set "golden brown" for chibi unoa: top, cardigan, skirt, stockings, legwarmers, butterfly headband
- Cendre set appi cocooning: panties, Sweater, stockings, very long scarf, headband with big flower
- 6Luciole "Come On Eileen" folk version: overalls, shirt, long bloomers, gaiters, chest belt for D.D Appi
- Aeris toweling jumpsuits for unoa
- Sylv "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough"(Cyndi Lauper) for elfdoll new tiny. scarf with crochet flowers, earmuffs with crochet flowers, tunic with crochet flowers, stockings, waistcoat with crochet flowers, skirt, legwarmers.

- Delilah embroidered waist belt + suspenders + stockings for pullip 

- Gabrielle/Gabyu tshirt manches longues bicolores MNF

- Vyoletta veste mi longue cintrée + gilet DOC boy

- Layou "White rabbit"(Jefferson airplane) Alice Version II for zuzu delf. Dress, bloomers, apron, headbow.

- Velkane "Lovecats" (The Cure) for dollchateau MSD. felted nekomimi with tiny bell, felted wired cat tail with tiny bell, tank top, dance top with embroidered cat, leggings, armwarmers, legwarmers, danse bag.

- Velkane "Close to me" (The cure) for Cerisedolls Constantine. panties, stockings with hand-crocheted lace, nightgown with beaded drooping sleeves, hand embroidered corset with hand-crocheted lace, dressing gown, ballon sleeves long dress, brooch with hand-crocheted heart and flower

- Ben-chan tutu long + robe simple souple MNF

- Miyavette "wishmaster" (nightwish) for obitsu M. bustier dress with bustles, frock coat, headdress, choker.   

- Follow the wind "Army of me" (Björk) For dollstown 15. Bras, Panties, stockings, legmarmers, two different armwarmers, one arm leather strap, leather necklace, gauze shirt, mohair shirt, Kilt/shorts with garter belt

- Sushi-77 20's crochet set for realpuki. dress, headband, choker, necklace, slippers

- Layou "white rabbit" (Jefferson airplane) chapelier Version for zuzu delf. Dress, bloomers, bow tie + bow scarf, hat with pins, petticoat, waistcoat, frock coat

- Arysuh "Purple rain" (Prince) for MSD souldol. Dress, chocker, Armsleeves. 

- Ari "How little we know" (Lauren  Bacall) For unoss. Dress

- Blablette "Last of the english roses" (Pete Doherty) for unoa LB. Sockings, sleeveless dress, waistcoat, crochet minihat

- Heroysa monster "Lemon tree" (Fool's garden) for lati white SP. Tights, bloomers, Tshirt, frill apron, crochet minihat
Pic by heroysa monster

- Delilah "Rose hybride de thé" (Emilie Simon) pour Püns.  Culotte bouffante, Cape avec fleurs au crochet

- Delilah "Lady marmalade" (Labelle) pour taeyang. Bloomer, bas, corset, jarretière, broche

- Laure. "The show must go on" (Queen) pour Püns. Justaucorps, cache seins, ras de cou, bas, legwarmers, veste queue de pie, broche médaille

- Louloute1960 deux cols fourrure

- Létincelle 60 fleurs au crochet arce en ciel en deux tailles

- Aeris set "chambre froide" (les garçons boucher) pour rosette. Robe avec 3 jupons, collerette fraise, manchettes, barrette

- Domipol set "le dernier vol" pour kaye wiggs MSD sur corps dollstown 7. Robe rebrodée + bloomers longs + bas + chapeau aviateur + googles

- Kikyô corset + string + 2 paires de bas narae

- bloomer + blouse soie + corset ajusté hanches IMDA *3

- Francisca plein unoa small bust (pants, high waist skirt, kitty shirt, blouse, corset + skirt, bloomers)

- I'm pretty black/white/red for deedlot

- Tank "farewell to Ireland" (Dalriada) set for Dust of dolls (socks, bloomer, shirt, waistcoat, scarf)

- Tank "Funky town" (Lipps Inc.) set for Dust of dolls (70's dress, strassed jacket, stockings, fur legwarmers)

- Unoss "Paint it black" (The Rolling Stones) set for Kirane (Dress, petticoat, Bolero)

- Bakhtine robe boule empire MSD

- Esthy jumelles chaperon rouge

- Esthy robe serre taille msd leeke
- Tank "l'Aventurier" (Indochine) set for Avicularia (Blouse, 1900's skirt, belt, saharan vest, armclothes, pith helmet, scarf)

- Petite Aï "Avalon" (Roxy music) set for PrinceSz (dress, petticoat, belt pannier, "fraise" collar, hairclips)

- Esthy's blythes set for conjoined twins Mel&Ancholie (soft silk dress, petticoat, hairpins, socks, maryjane shoes)

- Leeke Florence "White rabbit" (jefferson Airplane) set for Avicularia (empire dress, embroidered apron)

- dollzone MSD "Ederlezi" (goran Bregovic) for Lywann (frill embroidered dress with "faux-cul", gathered shirt, oversleeves, Corset, Bloomer with garter, Legwarmers)

- Blythe velvet dressing gown for Violette

- YoSD NCIS-Abby for Alexiel (skull ball skirt, Balloon long sleeves Tshirt, Skull stockings, Pompom legwarmers, Skull bag, Skull scarf)

- Blythe "Around the bend" (The asteroid galaxy tour) for Akadoud (sacàpatate pants, Long sleeves tshirt, embroidered apron, bolero)

- Unoss "Partenaire particulier" (Partenaire particulier) for Ari (embroidered patchwork ball skirt, Leggings)

- Unoss "My generation" (The Who) for Ari (Pullover, Top, Embroidered 70's Pants)

- Soom tinygem "Étoile des neiges" (folklore) for Zillah (Woolen hoody with snowflake pendant, Embroidered leggings)

- fairyland littlefee "Rock'n'roll Vengeance" (La Souris Déglinguée) for Emma the Krokette (Mouse embroidered Tshirt, Tutu, Socks)

- lati yellow rabbit dress for Anzu

- lati yellow mouse dress for Kirane

- fairyland pukipuki loli double dress for Anzu (dress with handmade crochet lace, ,socks, cape)

- Tank Amyas Crale set for Dust of dolls ("Empire" tshirt with collar and plastron, "zazou" baggy pants, waistcoat, diamond tie, manish hat)

- lati yellow butterfly set on De.W desing (hat with butterfly antennas, goggles, embroidered dress, scarf, bloomer, legwarmers)

- lati yellow SP pirate set on De.W desing (bloomers, shirt, headband, jacket)

- unidoll tiny "La faute à Voltaire" (V. Hugo) for Aeris (pants, frill shirt, "Gavroche" cap)

- MSD cat tshirt for Belin

- MSD guinea pig tshirt for Belin

- unoa SB "Chihuahua" (DJ Bobo) for Aeris (legwarmers, short leggings, Long sleeves teeshirt with a chihuahua handmade embroidery)

- Lati yellow panties for esthy

- Custom house SD set for Yuna51100 (pan collar floral shirt, Tunic, leggings, Socks)

- Blythe "Walk like an egyptian" (Bangles) for Véronique (dress, shawl, pectoral, 4 golden jewels for arm and ankle, Uraeus)

- YoSD "Le dernier vol" (Georges Hamel) for Lywann (20's dress : all handmade embroidery, aviator hat, "gavroche" cap)

- Lati yellow "chasuble" for Peach (dress, bloomer)

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  1. Love your Egyptian dress for Blythe!

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