mercredi 1 mai 2013

Finished of the day 2013 week 16 and 17

Je sais, je sais, je ne mets pas mon blog à jour assez souvent^^
Le 15 avril, c'était mon anniversaire et j'ai reçu plein de chaleur. Pas la chaleur atmosphérique tssssss, la chaleur de votre part, de ma famille, de mes amis. C'était une belle journée! J'ai aussi reçu un vélo. Ouiiiiiiiii, Edhel, 35 ans, voulait un vélo pour son anniversaire:p Avec un joli panier pour aller à la poste et battre la campagne (la pauvreXD!) à la recherche de jolis endroits pour faire des photos!
Ça fait deux semaines qu'il pleut, donc point de campagne battue et pour tout vous dire, il va falloir que je m'habitue. Le vélo, ça ne s'oublie pas, mais quand on est pas monté dessus depuis 20 ans, on est pas fière!
En ce moment, je flotte un peu pour le boulot. J'ai 4 tenues pullips en cours, mais elles prennent leur temps pour mûrir dans mon esprit... Et puis il faut que j'avance vite sur ce projet avec Luciole, car j'ai reçu ses demoiselles et elle vont bientôt repartir, il faut que je me presse! Bon aller, je vous montre quand même ce que j'ai fait entre temps;)

I know, I know, I don't update  my blog up as often as it would ^ ^

On 15 April, it was my birthday and I received a lot of 
warmth. Your warmth, my family's, my friends'. It was a beautiful day! I also received a bicycle. Yeahhhhhh, Edhel, 35 years old, wanted a bike for her birthday: p With a nice basket to go to the post and comb the countryside (and she has long hair here:p) looking for nice places to take pictures!
It's been two weeks it rains, then no countryside combed and to be honest, I'd have to get used to ride my bike. Riding a bike can't be forgotten, but as it's been 20 years I didn't ridden one, I'm not so proud:p

Right now, I float a bit for work. I need to make 4 pullip sets, but they take their time to mature in my mind ... And then I have to move faster on this project with Luciole because I got her dolls and they will soon leave, I should hurry! Good to go, I show you what I've done in the meantime;)

Lillycat's Manon corset, for a future set!
And the second pair shoe corsage is done!

The last "dust in the wind" overalls! Only one of each remains! I'm really happy you loved this collection this much!
socks and legwarmers for MSD
A complete Conniee Lowe's Lulu set 
Some accessories and clothes for my Turpitude. she is CH Vintage Aï odree (on a little junior body)
Didn't Meoloo Mab looking so good in it? She normally is in the "want to sell" girls. but she looks adorable. I wish I had more time to care of my girls *sigh*
And here is Turpitude in her very first clothes' set though it's been years that she is home, she even don't have a faceup "unworthy mother".

The next week, I finished two sets and started a new collection!
Shirt for KW Tobi and shirt and folk belt for YoSD:)
I'll show you the finished sets soon!
This day, I received the tracking for Mandorla Sigismonde, my Dust of Dolls Appi Lünn, who I want to have a Matrioshka fairy kei look. And I also received amazing new fabrics\o/ So I made some cute things for the fairy kei part:p
And here is the new start of a new collection. I don't know yet how I'll call it, but this will be romantic! So here are comfy pink shoulder warmers!
I also had made some new overalls. But I was waiting for some silver studs before showing it!
And the other comfy shoulder warmers, in pastel almond green this time. I also added some lacey shoulder warmers, in salmon pink and taupe. 
but this would be for the next week;)