I can work on

  SD size
- Volks SD, SD swaricco, SD13, old SD13, old SD10, DD2 (girl)
- Andolrea unoss
- notdolllab lady
- Elfdoll LB (girl)
- Everpurple 14 years (girl)
- luts delf girl mature body (used for all other thin SD size dolls)
- Peakswood mature bust
- Dollstown 13 girl (maybe B)

Big MSD size
- Rosette lady body (paper mold)

 MSD size
- Alchemic labo unoa Large and small bust (girl)
- Volks MSD swaricco (used for all larges MSD little girls), SDcute (girl)
- Peakswood small bust
- Lati blue
- Kiddelf boy
- Soulkid double
- Fairyland Minifée large bust

 Little MSD size
- Custom house little junior (girl)
- Dust of dolls Tank

 YoSD size
- Volks YoSD and origin body (used for littlefée)
- Leeke 1 and 3 (used for littlefée)
- Custom house Petite Aï (used for lati green and bambicrowny bella bambi)
- unidoll uni tiny
- fairygarden DD Anne (used for soom tinies, bambicrowny ciao bella)
- secretdoll Yoï
- rosenlied Tuesday
- Dust of doll püns
- iMda 3.0 (paper mold)

- Elfdoll Alice cherry blosom
- fairyland Pukifee
- Lati yellow, yellow SP and white
- Rosenlied Monday
- Idoll Ara
- Luts, zuzu delf
- Fairyland pukipuki
- Wonderfrog Wanda is used for roxydoll lucy
- Dust of dolls Kröt

 Fashion dolls
- Blythe
- Pure neemo old and new body
- Groove Pullip (Ver. 2, 3 and 4)
- Groove Dal
- Groove Aï BJD
- Obitdu S, S SBH, M, M SBH, 21 cm
- wonderfrog wanda
- Ellowyne Wilde
- Tonner Tyler
- Fashion Doll Agency

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