lundi 15 avril 2013

Finished of the day 2013 week 15

Ohhhhh Yeah!
J'ai pas eu le temps cette semaine d'avancer sur mon gros projet et pas eu le temps de coudre pour mes commandes pullip\o/. C'est mal, c'est très mal! Cette semaine, il faut que je me rattrape!
This week I had no time to move forward on my big project and no time to sew for my pullip's coms\o/ This is bad, very bad! This week I have to take over!
Some bloomers! The pink one is for my lovely Turpitude vintage Aï Odree (little junior body).
Legwarmers are YoSD and stockings are cerisedoll Cartoon.
Other things for cartoon, legwarmers based on mine and an assorted top!
Armwarmers are for Blanche, my unoa with fabrics and laces scratch!
and here is the complete set for Manon\o/ I found it lovely! Colline is nearly jealous!
You said cardigans? One for YoSD and one for D.D Appi. 
overalls are for D.D appi and KW tobi
I decided to book a time slot on Sunday just for me! This time, as I bought clog wedges, I decided to try to make them chameleon! So I made shoe corsages! My first are big cotton lace bows, and I also tried some fabric flower branches! I just have to make the second one! I look forward it. This is a complete creative activity that motivates me a lot\o/

Adn here arethe decorated shoes
I also bought a bag, just THE bag! It's crazy beautiful and crazy my style XD! Vintage like kitsch things:p
I'm waiting for three orders. I don't wanted to order something else before receiving them. But I've planned, a week ago to order some purse frames XD! It seems I'm gonna heve lots of them!

4 commentaires :

  1. T'as bien bossé dis donc ! Je suis over fan du gilet j'en veux un taille humaine ♥♥♥

  2. Tu m'étonnes\o/ J'adorerais aussi. Je cours après les gilets en dentelle pour moi XD! J'en ai déjà pas mal, mais un grand forme redingote, ce serait génial\o/

  3. J'aime vraiment beaucoup ton style ! Et je suis toujours aussi fan du rendu de tes tenues. Merveilleux !