mardi 9 avril 2013

finished of the day weeks 13 and 14

Bouhhhhhhhhh comme je suis vilaine! J'ai une semaine de retard\o/
I'm a week late\o/

So finished of the day week 13:
Some more for my special project:)
And then for the following few days I made a shoes/bag set for my Colline :
First, the soles decoration (and some stuffs for two pullip projects for a PrinceZs!)
I also had to fulfill some coms of course, so I made a butterflies batch and some "Golden Brown" cardis

Andddddddddddd the first shoe is born\o/ I was really really proud you know! there is lot of work on it. Soles are cut from a foam board then sanded with a Dremel like tool. Then, painted. Next I added my decoration and tarnished them with some figurines painting technics. I gave the fabric pattern a clog feeling and added some crochet stuffs:)
And here is the finished set\o/ for the bag, I just added some more of my decorations on a customized purse! Of course, I added a handle and some grigri, where one is girly or notXD!
My girl wearing it! I must confess, I'm a little proud:p All is handmade excepting this wig:)

finished of the day week 14:
Returning to shop sold things! This is slim MSD size:)
And then, what can be took as a disaster arrived... Colline's faceplate jumped on the flour (I had just made it the past week. So I did it again. And I must confess, even if there is lots of other problems, that I prefer her like this! So it was a blessing in disguise!
Let's return to paid work;)
For Cartoon body!
Two Cartoon sized cardi and a skirt with only two lace frills. Other stuffs are for chibi unoa!
I also received this marvellous wig from Heliantas\o/ I asked her for her first long wig, and she did so well! I couldn't dream anything better!!!!
And one of the cartoon sets worn!

I thought it was time to add some new stuffs in my etsy shop, so, as I received the long waited fabric package, I made some pastel shabby sets!
And a finished embroidered corset for slim MSD size likewise.
I also tried some new technics that finished in a brooch for me. I knowthis is probably a bit kitsch but it's small:)

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