mercredi 18 mai 2011

Blog news: "models" part three have been added!

Caprice (CH petite Aï Nanaël)
Gossips: Caprice is the storm fairy though she looks very quite and peacefully, like a model pupil.
Who’s who: She is the storm fairy
She needs: Maybe a faceup but I’m afraid about her ball face (there is not so much relief on the mold)
Look: pupil dresses and school uniforms
Accessories: CH default faceup, CH Pa-CH-633(s)maroon, eluts 16MM G-PALE BLUE

Cardamome (Volks old FCS F12 on old SD body)
Gossips: spicy girl, always jumping around, she loves making spicy food and watch people having the mouth on fire!
Who’s who: spice faery
She needs: a spicier faceup
Look: casual girly, she loves jeans
Accessories: faceup?, Ingrid carrot mohair wig, leekeworld LG-091 18mm, pierced ears

Cathel (Andolrea Unoss)
Gossips: Cathel has been created by the faery queen after Ninon’s caprice to be awake as spring would arrive. Living in her true self body, she has been rejected by “herself” and has been given a body as Ninon was destructive with her. But she’s a little bit out of this world as she doesn’t know how to live. Her big eyes are turned to renewal.
Who’s who: Spring follower
Family: Ninon’s spring avatar
She needs:
Look: fruit girly
Accessories: faceup by Minendie, Kstarr marine blue and blue wig, 16mm smoke blue eyes

Clotho Peach (Leeke Ching)
Gossips: Clotho is one the Parques, the deities that take a look at human destiny. As she spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle , she is a godmother faery. Cutting the thread?
Who’s who: first of the three Fates, godmother faery
Family: Verdandi’s sister, Moïra’s sister, Doucouroulis Lariang’s godmother faery
She needs: Ezi is about to give her a new faceup
Look: she wears pink and peach
Accessories: Ezi’s faceup, Soom U07 Yellowmarble, mohair peach by Alexiel, fauxfur peach with two ponytails by alexiel

Colombe (Volks old FCS F07 beauty white on old SD13 body)
Gossips: She's Beija's little sister, though definitively bigger in size as a dove. She winks in white plums.
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical dove
Family: Arfang’s sister, Beija Flor’s sister
She needs: a new faceup
Look: She only wears white dresses with feathers if it is possible.
Accessories: faceup by me, Cool Cat KA_Art 22mm in orange, turquoise feathers with black polka dots as Eyelashes, cancan 9-10” 12a (yellow), Leekeworld W059_L in EveCream

Dainty Absinth “Sainte” (Volks Aya)
Gossips: Absinth is your best drinking partner, though she tends to like that poison called Absinth.
Who’s who: This is la “fée verte” or the green Dam
Family: Merle’s sister, Ertée Cramoisie’s sister
She needs:
Look: 1900’s Lolita dresses. She only wears black or dark gray.
Accessories: faceup by me, coolcat Chinese apple green 20mm eyes, Kstarr long bottle green hair with lime green highlights, mohair bottle green/Lime green puff wig by Circée

3 commentaires :

  1. Cathel elle est belle! Et Sinth-ni-touche aussi :D

  2. Wow!Cathel elle est belleeeeeee! Merci! A force de s'entendre dire qu'elle est moins belle que Ninon (à part par Alexiel) elle a fini par y croire! Mais fight Cathel fight XD!
    Et sinth ni touche c'est la plus belle des Aya^^ Faut que je la prenne en photo XD!

  3. Ninon est belle z'aussi, mais là la gloire est pour Cathel et ses grands yeux bleus tous humides!