dimanche 15 mai 2011

Blog news: "models" part two have been added!

Arfang (Leeke pumpkin)
Gossips: Nothing is known about her…
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical white owl
Family: Beija Flor’s sister, Colombe’s sister
She needs: a faceup, new glass gray eyes, her mechanical wings
Look: Little girl. She wears black, gray and white.
Accessories: 16mm Acylic dark gray eyes, eluts CDW-30 For Honey Delf (Charcoal Gray) -Heat Resistant Fiber, leekeworld LR-008_D royal gray

Aubrey Mandragore (Latidoll Yellow Cookie Tanned SP)
Gossips: Aubrey is always as if she's going to cry, but she's quite brave actually
Who’s who: Is a witch root called mandrake.
She needs:
Look: chasubles dresses and flowered or embroidered pinafore.
Accessories: latidoll’s default faceup, 12mm stock green latidoll acrylic eyes, Rosenlied RWM-017 Mohair - soft curl (Carrot)

Beija-flor “Bébeille” (Volks old FCS F14)
Gossips: Beija is a colourful hummingbird and the oldest of a large family of mechanical birds
Who’s who: She is a part of the mechanical birds’ crew, mechanical hummingbird
Family: Arfang’s sister, Colombe’s sister
She needs: a new faceup, her mechanical wings
Look: colorful girly
Accessories: faceup by me, Cool Cat KA_Art 22mm in yellow, turquoise feathers with black polka dots as Eyelashes, cancan 9-10” 12a (yellow)

Blanche (Unoa Sist)
Gossips: She is discret and secretive. Your typical girl-next-door.
Who’s who: She is Melpomene, the muse of tragedy
Family: Aliénor's twin sister
She needs: A faceup for her sleeping face, a restriging
Look: working girl or simply casual. She most often wears black, gray, beige and raw.
Accessories: faceup by me, Releaserain 12mm green, mohair carrot wig by Ezi

Camille Camomille « Caca » (Volks Yo Tenshi Mamu)
Gossips: She's better know as Caca (“caca” is the French word for “Pooh”), the kindergarden terror.
Who’s who: She is the fairy of swings that go too far
Family: Madeleine Badeleine’s sister
She needs: a new faceup, a band-aids on a scar on her noze, band-aids on her knees
Look: as a tomboy, she wears only boyish clothes
Accessories: Volks’ default faceup, Volks HG Glass Eyes / 16mm / Green Gray, Leeke L-090_D peach gold

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